Our Mission and Values

Driven by our mission to inspire, educate, celebrate and advance current and future women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, we are guided by the following values:

  • Changing the Face of Business Leadership
  • Trust and Support
  • Grow and Inspire
  • Educate, Foster and Advance
  • Celebrate and Have Fun
  • Peer Community and Engagement

Our Strategic Plan


In 2016, we set out to affirm our mission and develop a bold vision for C200. Led by a Strategic Planning committee and supported by six special task force groups, our process involved soliciting input from over 70% of members and all of our staff. The result is a newly articulated Strategic Plan designed to ensure the long-term vibrancy and relevancy of C200.

The plan is organized by three strategic imperatives, each with specific goals and performance metrics. Achieving our goals across all three pillars will help us realize our bold vision of being the preeminent global organization for women business leaders, publicly recognized for making a profound impact on the advancement of women in business.

Strategic Imperative #1: Peer Community

The C200 community is a sanctuary for the world’s most successful women business leaders and a resource to enrich each other and our businesses. Members are passionately supportive of each other and honor confidentiality. C200 members are highly satisfied and value the opportunities offered by the organization to connect, share wisdom, inspire, learn, celebrate and have fun.

Strategic Imperative #2: Advancing Members

C200 members catapult their personal and professional advancement through unique access to members’ inspiration, wisdom, and the peer community. C200 members offer exceptional expertise and experience, connecting with each other and are a resource for each member’s relevant information along their career and through life stages. Member achievements are widely communicated and celebrated through the community.

Strategic Imperative #3: Advancing Women in Business

C200 is recognized for measurably impacting the advancement of women business leaders. C200’s impact is credited to the members’ expertise in business, vast network of resources, openly sharing, relating to factors which impact women’s success, and providing support at critical junctures in the continuum of a business women’s career.

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