Protege Program for Entrepreneurs

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Protege Program for Entrepreneurs

C200’s commitment to supporting women in business is a commitment to creating better businesses for the future. Women tend to face more obstacles in business than men, often resulting in their businesses generating less revenue and employing fewer people. The c200 Protege Probram is designed to help women-operated businesses change this trend by helping them to scale in profit, employees, and productivity.

Qualified candidates are women with annual revenues and/or funding of more than %5 million and who are committed to growing their business. C 200 provides education in leadership, strategy, finance, and other relevant topics. The Protege cohort supports supports one another, holds each other accountable and invests in the success of each woman in the group.

C200 members provide coaching, mentoring, and problem-solving based on their extensive knowledge base, first-hand experience, and networks. Our three-pronged approach of education, support, and coaching help women entrepreneurs take their companies to the next level.

If you are interested in participating in or contributing to the Protege Program, please contact Alisha Wenc.

The Imbalances of Women-Owned Businesses

The revenue disparity between women-owned and all privately held businesses has increased since 1997. For every dollar that a privately held company generated, women owned businesses generated 37 cents in 1997 and 30 cents in 2019.

In 2019, women-owned businesses averaged earnings of $142,900 compared to $474,900 for all privately held businesses and $1.4 million for all firms (including publicly traded companies).

Women-owned businesses tend to employ fewer workers than businesses in general. Typically, women-owned businesses employ 0.7 workers, compared to 1.8 for all privately held businesses and 3.8 for all firms (including publicly traded companies.)

-American Express State of Women-Owned Business Report

Protégé Testimonial

“C200 and the Protégé Program has enriched my business beyond anything I could have possibly imagined. For me, it was the first time anyone sat me down in a rigorous and disciplined manner and taught me about business and it was remarkable.”

– Mia Galison, President, eeBoo and Protégé Program Alumna