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C200 members are leading experts in business, regularly sought out by the media and for speaking engagements on successful corporate leadership, management, entrepreneurship, mentorship, corporate boards and Fortune 500 companies. Our members collectively employ more than 2.5 million people, generate more than $1.4 trillion in annual revenues, represent more than 100 industries and occupy 68 Fortune 500 corporate board seats.

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C200’s ongoing relationship with IvyExec.com, a members-only executive job site and information hub for successful senior business people, continues to produce high-quality original content generated by our members to showcase their expertise and raise C200 brand awareness.


Nancy Duarte

Julie Fasone Holder

Susan Packard

Shellye Archambeau

Lauren Herring

Herta von Stiegel

Hannah Kain

Ana Dutra

Laura Grondin

Larraine Segil

Maryann Bruce

Lisa Pollina

Roberta Sydney

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Sue McLaughlin


C200 has partnered with PNC and BizWomen on the “Leadership Lessons” series, inspired by the format of Corner Of ce in the New York Times, and featuring C200 members sharing key business lessons, tips on hiring, advice for the next generation of business leaders and more. BizWomen.com provides news, events and conversations for an audience of over 170,000 monthly readers.


Tracy Guarino

Florine Mark

Beth Bronfman

Mei Xu

Maryann Bruce