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We’re changing the face of business, one woman at a time.

C200 educates, supports, and celebrates all women in business – those who lead companies and those who aspire to. From our C-Ahead program that assists in advancing women executives to our Protégé program that supports women entrepreneurs, C200’s programs help us achieve our mission at every level.

Our signature programs, known as our Advancing Women Programs, were developed to support the personal and professional growth of women in business. Utilizing the expertise of our members, these programs help high potential women to develop the skills and broad-based perspectives needed to prepare them to lead an organization – all in a highly collaborative and supportive environment.

Our C-Ahead® Program

Provides exclusive content and collaboration opportunities for women poised to assume significant and new or full P&L responsibilities in their next career move. Participants learn from real experiences, real wisdom, and real solutions to help them grow into agile, confident, and invaluable C-Suite leaders.

C200’s CHAMPION Program

Empowers women entrepreneurs, especially women of color, to reach the next level of success in their business by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Participants benefit from an expanded peer network, mentors, educational opportunities, and access to funding.

The Protégé Program

Matches high potential women entrepreneurs with a C200 member who serves as their mentor and coach. This program helps each protégé to grow their business and expand their network – as a member of a cohort that supports one another, holds each other accountable, and invests in the success of each participant.

C200’s Reachouts Program

Partners with schools across the globe to host member-driven events featuring host panels and round-table discussions to educate and inspire ambitious, business-minded women undergraduate and MBA students.

Our Corporate Board Forum

Supports and assists members in securing for-profit/corporate board seats. Participation in this forum increases member visibility, ensures that they are well-prepped for boards, and provides access to prestigious board opportunities.

C200 is a nonprofit organization, please consider donating to support our programs and help advance our mission.


Despite the strides women have made in raising awareness of the gender disparity throughout corporate leadership roles, research indicates that advancing women is not a top priority for the majority of global organizations. Despite corporate gender equity and diversity initiatives, these broad-based programs often fail to impact underlying attitudes and lack a significant path to success. IBM’s recent report indicates that actually fewer women hold senior vice president, vice president, director, and manager roles in 2021 than in 2019.

C200’s C-Ahead® program was created to advance more women to corporate leadership. This program prepares and provides future women executives with the opportunity to learn from real experiences, real wisdom, and real solutions from those who have lived it.

This unparalleled development program supports accomplished female corporate senior leaders who are in the succession pipeline for a significant P&L operating position. Participants are carefully selected and invited to join this highly experiential, peer-based learning program.


The C-Ahead® Program is designed for women who:

  • Have been identified as one of the women with the highest potential to run her company or a major division.
  • Are likely to achieve a role leading a major business and P&L within 1-3 years.
  • Have experience running a P&L or another significantly influential role in the organization with top and/or bottom line impact.

Since its inception in 2017, 112 women have completed the C-Ahead® program.

Fifteen of these 112 participants have already gone on to earn a senior-level leadership role with operational responsibility – qualifying them to join C200 members and commit to the continuation of advancing women in business.

Women accepted into C-Ahead® participate in a 6-month virtual program, attending monthly sessions and small group discussions with robust educational content. Our faculty includes accomplished and successful women executives from the C200 membership who enrich the content through real-world scenarios and shared experiences from their leadership journeys.

There are many opportunities for in-person connections with C-Ahead® peers and C200 members, as well as invitations to exclusive events and programs.

Our next C-Ahead® cohort beings in June 2021; we are accepting nominations and applications. Click here to learn more.

For any questions about C-Ahead®, please email Megan McRae


C200’s CHAMPION Program

Empowering Women of Color

C200’s CHAMPION Program was created to support women entrepreneurs, especially WOC owned businesses.

Our membership is comprised of the world’s leading women corporate executives and entrepreneurs, who understand first-hand the adversities that come with being a woman in business, especially in entrepreneurship.

Through research and the shared real-life experiences of our entrepreneurial members, we recognize that women entrepreneurs could greatly benefit from access to a peer network and mentors, educational opportunities to enhance their business acumen, and access to funding.

We created C200’s CHAMPION Program to offer women entrepreneurs just that.

The Imbalances of Women-Owned Businesses

Entrepreneurs play a vital role in our economy, contributing billions of dollars every year and employing millions of people.

Unfortunately, huge gaps exist between the growth and revenues of businesses owned by men and those owned by women.

Only 1.7% of women-owned businesses have revenues over $1M, and 88% are below $1000K.

Within women-owned businesses, there are further disparities between white and minority owned.

If the average revenue of minority women-owned firms matched that of white women-owned businesses, four-million new jobs would be created and $981 billion in revenue would be added.


Women-Owned Business Report

Empowering Entrepreneurial Women to Achieve More

C200’s CHAMPION Program was designed to empower women entrepreneurs to reach the next level of success in their business. Recognizing that access to education, a peer network, and capital are three of the biggest roadblocks to increased revenue for women entrepreneurs, we designed the CHAMPION Program to equip carefully selected entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed.

C200 CHAMPION Program participants receive:

  • Access to a peer network and the C200 network of the world’s leading women entrepreneurs and corporate executives
  • A 12-week education course through Babson College’s WIN Lab Global, focusing on the entrepreneur herself and her business
  • A $25,000 grant for the entrepreneur’s business.

For any questions about C200’s CHAMPION Program, please email Alisha Wenc.

Meet our most recent cohort of C200 Champions (include images and brief bios of 2021 CHAMPIONS.)

C200 Champions

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C200 Champions

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C200 Champions

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C200 Champions

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Protégé Testimonial

“C200 and the Protégé Program has enriched my business beyond anything I could have possibly imagined. For me, it was the first time anyone sat me down in a rigorous and disciplined manner and taught me about business and it was remarkable.”

– Mia Galison, President, eeBoo and Protégé Program Alumna


C200 has partnered with schools across the globe to host C200 Reachouts. At these member-driven events, C200 members host panels and round-table discussions to educate and inspire ambitious, business-minded women undergraduate and MBA students. Through sharing their stories, advice, and successes with future women business leaders, C200 members create lasting, meaningful change in the lives of many women as they demonstrate the value of pursuing a career in business.

Since 1991, C200 has held 90 Reachouts at 51 schools throughout the world. In recent years, C200 has held Reachouts at the University of Chicago, University of Minnesota, University of Houston, Pepperdine University, Georgia State University, and Agnes Stott College.

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Heritage Society: Ensuring success…

Help future generations of women achieve remarkable success. The C200 Heritage Society helps C200 members include the C200 in their estate plans. For sample bequest language and other helpful information, please contact Meghan McRae at (312) 255-0296, ext. 105 or mmcrae@C200.org