Corporate Board Forum

Even the most successful executives need help preparing for a board position. Competition is fierce for the relatively low number of roles available compared to potential board candidates – and recent studies show the majority of those board seats are still not offered to qualified women.

Corporate Board Forum enrollment is offered to C200 members, giving them access to education and real-life learnings from boardroom experts, a supportive network of peers, and connections to our program partners such as National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).

The program plays both a supportive and intermediary role to assist our members in securing for-profit, corporate board seats. Participation in this members-only forum increases member visibility, ensures that they are well-prepped for boards, and provides access to prestigious board opportunities.

The program has several components:

1. Access to new corporate board opportunities via our strategic partnerships. C200 cultivates relationships with organizations like theBoardlist, Him for Her, and the NACD to increase the board profiles and networking opportunities of our Corporate Board Forum members.

2. Information and resources. C200 and our partners provide webinars and informational sessions on board-related topics.

3. Invitations to exclusive member events. These events assist members with networking, developing their board-ready bios, and positioning themselves for a board seat.

If you are a C200 member and would like more information about joining the Corporate Board Forum, please contact Alisha Wenc, Director of Educational Programs and Events.

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