C200’s CHAMPION Program

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Empowering Women of Color

C200’s CHAMPION Program was created to support women entrepreneurs, especially WOC owned businesses.

Our membership is comprised of the world’s leading women corporate executives and entrepreneurs, who understand first-hand the adversities that come with being a woman in business, especially in entrepreneurship.

Through research and the shared real-life experiences of our entrepreneurial members, we recognize that women entrepreneurs could greatly benefit from access to a peer network and mentors, educational opportunities to enhance their business acumen, and access to funding.

We created C200’s CHAMPION Program to offer women entrepreneurs just that.

The Imbalances of Women-Owned Businesses

Entrepreneurs play a vital role in our economy, contributing billions of dollars every year and employing millions of people.

Unfortunately, huge gaps exist between the growth and revenues of businesses owned by men and those owned by women.

Only 1.7% of women-owned businesses have revenues over $1M, and 88% are below $1000K.

Within women-owned businesses, there are further disparities between white and minority owned.

If the average revenue of minority women-owned firms matched that of white women-owned businesses, four-million new jobs would be created and $981 billion in revenue would be added.


Women-Owned Business Report

Empowering Entrepreneurial Women to Achieve More

C200’s CHAMPION Program was designed to empower women entrepreneurs to reach the next level of success in their business. Recognizing that access to education, a peer network, and capital are three of the biggest roadblocks to increased revenue for women entrepreneurs, we designed the CHAMPION Program to equip carefully selected entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed.

C200 CHAMPION Program participants receive:

  • Access to a peer network and the C200 network of the world’s leading women entrepreneurs and corporate executives
  • A 12-week education course through Babson College’s WIN Lab Global, focusing on the entrepreneur herself and her business
  • A $25,000 grant for the entrepreneur’s business.

For any questions about C200’s CHAMPION Program, please email Alisha Wenc.

Meet our most recent cohort of C200 Champions (include images and brief bios of 2021 CHAMPIONS.)

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C200 Champions

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C200 Champions

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C200 Champions

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