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C200 supports, celebrates and advances all women in business – those who lead companies and those who aspire to. From our Reachouts at universities and high schools to our Protégé Program for women entrepreneurs with revenues of $5 to $15 million, C200’s programs help us achieve our mission at every level.

Protege Program for Entrepreneurs

C200 members help high potential women entrepreneurs with revenues of $5 to $15 million grow their businesses, expand their networks and inspire and advise future generations. C200 nominates, screens and matches Protégés with members who mentor them for two years. The Protégés themselves support one another, hold each other accountable and invest in the success of each woman and the group.


If you are interested in participating in or contributing to the Protégé Program, please contact Meghan McRae.

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Commitment to Protégé Program
The Protégé Program is possible through the generosity of C200 members who are committed to the ideals of the program and to the Protégés themselves. C200 Protégés find the program rewarding, fulfilling, and engaging. Expectations include:

  • Attending all on-site meetings, mentor meetings and webinars:
    • Quarterly webinars
    • Semi-annual in-person Learning Institutes
    • Quarterly meetings with C200 Mentors
  • Participating in ongoing learning outside of the formal program schedule, including an extensive reading list
  • Implementing the program tools and best practices in their organization
  • Protégés will contribute $2,500 annually ($5,000 total) to the C200 Foundation for participation in this program.

Participants will also cover their own travel expenses and accommodations for in person meetings.

Luminary Awards Honoring Women in Business

Each year, C200 presents the Luminary Awards to honor the success of exceptional women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

  • The Entrepreneurial Champion Award goes to a female entrepreneur who has created an innovative new product or service with global implications.
  • The Corporate Innovator Award goes to a woman who has changed or dramatically expanded the strategy of her corporation and significantly changed the value of the business.
  • The Skills to Succeed Champion Award goes to a woman who has developed a successful program that helps people master the skills needed to get a job or build a business.
  • The STEM Innovator Award goes to a woman who is the leader of a technology- based business and has exemplified unique vision and success in science, technology, engineering or math-based industries.

2019 Luminary Award Winners

Corporate Innovator

Amy Chang

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Cisco Collaboration

Entrepreneurial Champion

Kara Trott

Founder and CEO, Quantum Health

Skills to Succeed

Wendi Copeland

Chief Mission and Partners Officer, Goodwill Industries

STEM Innovator

Peggy Whitson

Astronaut, NASA

Voices that Change the World

Larraine Segil

Chairwoman and CEO, Exceptional Women Awardees Foundation

Past Luminary Award Winners


Entrepreneurial Champion
Ann Drake, DSC Logistics

Corporate Innovator
Kate Gutmann, UPS

Skills to Succeed Champion
Jennifer Sampson, United Way

STEM Innovator
Dr. Ilham Kadri, Diversey


Entrepreneurial Champion
Pamela O'Rourke, ICON Information Consultants, LP

Corporate Innovator
Ilene S. Gordon, Ingredion Incorporated

Skills to Succeed Champion
Maureen E. Casey, The Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University

STEM Innovator
Shellye Archambeau, MetricStream


Entrepreneurial Champion
Florine Mark, The WW Group, Inc.

Corporate Innovator
Beth Mooney, KeyCorp

Skills to Succeed Champion
Nikki Cicerani, Upwardly Global

STEM Innovator
Tracy Guarino, ForceX, Inc

Scholar Awards

Scholar AwardC200 awards outstanding MBA students with unique learning and networking opportunities through our C200 Scholar Network and scholarships of up to $10,000 (based on merit and financial need). C200 Scholars:

  • Are enrolled in an MBA program at a school hosting a C200 Reachout
  • Display extraordinary leadership potential, entrepreneurial spirit and integrity
  • Demonstrate a commitment to giving back (particularly to supporting other women)

University Reachouts

C200 members host panels and round-table discussions to inspire ambitious, business-minded women at schools in the U.S. and around the world.

At the college level, our goal is to demonstrate the value of pursuing a career in business to women who may not have made their initial career decisions.

At the MBA level, students customize their Reachout curriculum so it responds to their most pressing needs as they contemplate their post-MBA careers. We offer all MBA participants the chance to apply for one of three Scholar Awards of up to $10,000 each.

To view a list of schools at which C200 has held Reachouts, please click here.


C-Ahead is a unique development program for accomplished female corporate senior leaders in the succession pipeline for a large P/L C-Suite position. Participants are carefully selected and invited to join this highly experiential, peer-based learning program. Our faculty is comprised of accomplished and successful women executives from the C200 membership that will enrich the content through real world scenarios and shared experiences from their own leadership journeys.

C-Ahead Candidates are:

  • Identified as the woman with the highest potential to run her company or a major division. 
  • Likely to achieve a role leading a major business (at least $250 mm in annual revenues and P/L responsibility) within 1-5 years and currently 1-2 steps from the C-Suite.

For more information contact Meghan McRae.

Paradigm for Parity

C200 is proud to partner with Paradigm for Parity as its financial sponsor. The Paradigm for Parity® movement is a coalition of business leaders dedicated to addressing the corporate leadership gender gap. The coalition is made up of CEOs, senior executives, founders, board members, and business academics who are committed to achieving a new norm in the corporate world: one in which women and men have equal power, status, and opportunity. Our ultimate goal is to achieve full gender parity by 2030, with a near-term goal of women holding at least 30% of senior roles.

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Heritage Society: Ensuring success…

Help future generations of women achieve remarkable success. The C200 Heritage Society helps C200 members include the C200 in their estate plans. For sample bequest language and other helpful information, please contact Meghan McRae at (312) 255-0296, ext. 105 or mmcrae@C200.org